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Memoir, Essays, Etc.

Why I Don’t Want to Empathize with Cal Jacobs (Even Though Eric Dane’s Performance Makes it Hard Not To) fifth wheel press blog

Erythmia ab Igne: A Prayer for Bodilessness — Kith Books' Anatomy of a Self series

Onion Grass in FebruaryBlood Orange Review, Emerging Writer's Contest, Second Place

Slippery Mango, Tart Tangerine: Compassion for Gastrointestinal DisabilitiesRooted in Rights

The Precise Opposite of Buried Treasure Sad Girl Diaries; Summer 2023 Fiction and Nonfiction Contest, First Place

Some Tracery of Stardust — Roi Faineant

**Nominated for the Pushcart Prize, 2024

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