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"In working with Robin on my poetry, I’ve found her to be a wording wizard, whether it be the work she creates or the work she helps to flourish. She is always willing to look over a piece, shares in its author's passion as if it were her own, and devotes her 100% to the fruitfulness of the work. She sees a piece for what it is as well as what it could be, and will nudge gently at those edits but not make them for you. She understands and trusts your judgment of your own work as she trusts her own. I have trusted her expertise with many poems, some more difficult than others, and I can honestly say that without her guidance and forethought, I wouldn’t be half the writer I am and I certainly wouldn't be published. My image of her has always been of the pink-haired, sage pixie, a conductor of words and an endless well of kindness.  She's also great at finding homes she thinks aligns with your poem, which has been an invaluable resource for me and many others. I am deeply confident in her kindness and quality, and know that whatever piece she touches is destined for greatness."


—Kayla Wittman, Poet, MFA Student

"Robin is one of the most talented writers I've ever had the pleasure of working with. As a poet myself, I am constantly inspired by Robin and her willingness to help any writer improve their writing. When I felt like a novice in poetry, she helped me feel confident in my work by pointing out its strengths, as well as giving constructive criticism for its weaknesses. Her feedback and suggestions are invaluable. Robin encourages me to challenge myself creatively, strive to be a better writer, and dive deeper as a human being. By doing these things, I've become a more well-rounded and skilled poet. The attention to detail and care Robin gives to my poems makes me feel like my work matters. She’s always supportive of my work and vision for it, and for that I am so grateful."


—Natalie Sibiski, Poet, MFA Student

"Robin is equal measures insightful and compassionate, bringing out the best in people's work. Her passion for language and imagery helps her deliver feedback that can excavate the true essence and heart of other's words. Working with her is a delight and privilege."

—Safrianna Lughna, Living LUNA, Poet, Therapist

"Robin helped me to understand the power of poetry and its ability to heal trauma. She empowered me to continue to write, even though I lack any formal writing background and experienced severe cognitive disability due to medical treatment.  Her teaching and editing style are egalitarian and very encouraging rather than prescriptivistic. This is to say that she considers the needs and affective filters of her students as poets: Rather than pressing them to simply produce technical poetic renderings devoid of their authentic thoughts, she helps them to find their true voices while simultaneously inspiring them to creatively use technique to enrich their writing and convey their intended message. For this reason, I believe that she can reach audiences from diverse backgrounds, while scaffolding their skills through carefully selected works and creative exercises. She leads by example, explaining how technique and phraseology can help one to explore the liminal spaces of memory and personal history. She encouraged me to take risks, try new modalities of expression and be willing to make mistakes. She meets and valuates her students’ abilities through collaborative efforts, educing their skills through her careful understanding of their primary goals and needs. She further enhances her student’s experience and understanding of the written world by referencing poets that are reflective of her students’ styles and aspirations. Beyond that, Robin’s creativity, empathy, skill and vast literary knowledge allow her to galvanize the interests and work of even the most vulnerable, demotivated student. Robin’s words of advice allowed me to parse through my experiences as a civil rights investigator and heal from the violent and traumatic nature of my work. I feel so indebted and grateful towards her, and hope that she will work with many other poets in the future, helping them realize their written and lived goals."

—Kate Murdter, Poet, Social Work Student

"Whenever I write a poem, I always look forward to getting Robin’s feedback. I most appreciate her sharp attention to detail, lovingly critical feedback and understanding of my unique voice and preserving it while editing. After revisions, I typically find my poems strengthened with sonically pleasing lines and evocative words. The love, joy, and gratitude Robin has for poetry shows through the care and time she puts into helping me improve my work, just as if it were her own creations."

—Breasia Boyd, Poet, MFA Student

"Robin is a gifted writer, which makes her a great source to see the potential in other aspiring writers. Robin has provided feedback on several of my poems, and each time she was more encouraging than the last. She doesn’t look to change your writing, but works to strengthen the voice of a writer in their own work. I look forward to working with Robin again!"

—Ashlyn Mason, Poet, MFA Student

"Robin’s editing and feedback skills are unmatched — her advice is unfailingly direct, thoughtful, and relevant. Her attention to detail and keen ear for how I really meant a line to sound all along are gifts that have helped shape the roughest of drafts into works to be proud of. Robin has an incredible ear for the flow and the imagery of a piece, an excellent sense for concision and expansion, and a clarity of voice and purpose that really digs into what’s written and comes back as suggestion that addresses problems we didn’t know we had. Above even all of this? Robin is a lovely, encouraging editor who wants a writer’s work to succeed just as much as we do, and provides such a steady, helping hand in drafting work which really shines through in the final piece. All of my own strongest work has Robin’s guidance woven in, and I’m incredibly lucky to have been able to work with her many times."

—Leah Tuckwiller, Poet, MFA Student

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