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Meyer Lemon TreeSad Girls Diary

The Last Word — Wrongdoing Magazine, Spring 2022, Pages 127-128

Synchronicity — All My Relations, Issue 3, theme: Belonging, Pages 22-23

More Than One Hand is Too Much — Defunkt Magazine, Volume 10

The Cardinal and Translucent — Sunflowers At Midnight, Pages 43-45

4:01 A.M.Delicate Friend, Issue 7

Portrait of The Artist as a Mermaid With Two Tailscelestite poetry, Issue 4,  Page 31

Goldenhar Syndrome; Rare Disease Chicken; A Piece of His Homecorporeal lit

Self Portrait as My Own Thighs; Hot Air Balloon; You Do It Again; Hummingbird Wing-Whir; Inventorycorporeal lit

Blue GlitterThe Elpis Letters

The Gift — Wishbone Words, Issue 7, Page 61

Thrall — fifth wheel press, the truth is in the stars anthology

Anna and The BirdsLavender Lime Literary, Summer 2022

Dreaming of Lilacs Kissing Dynamite Poetry, Issue 44

Inventory — Cereal for Dinner

Jellyfish; Fern, Essentially; Writing My Will Without You; Freeze Frame; Chestnut Oak — Roi Faineant

Susurration — The Bitchin' Kitsch Volume 13, Issue 4Pages 26-27

Twenty-Seven in a Billion; A Sort of Light; Another Simile; Precision — Spoonie Magazine

The Frailty of Lilies  — Maiden Magazine, Issue 2

Aurora, West Virginia: Population, 201 Wrongdoing Magazine, Fall 2022, Page 96

**Best of The Net nominated for 2024

The Wayback Machine the winnow magazine, Digital Wastelands Issue, Pages 43-44

Your Ugliest Cousin; And Salt The Earth Behind You — Fulminare Review, Issue 1: Psyche, Pages 41, 43-44

The Ladder; The Journeythe winnow, Halloween issue, Pages 57-61

All Night Long, I Dream of Blueberries; Stuffed Shells; The Miracle; Canticle For Our Sunday In The Park

Ice Queen Magazine

Absolute Badass, Secret Stores of Honeycombwarning lines lit, Adversary Issue, Pages 24-27

The Last Word (previously published in Wrongdoing Magazine)Rough Diamond Poetry, Previously Published Spotlight

Tilting to RainbowsAnti-Heroin Chic

The Worth Of Tulips (Previously published in Little Patuxent Review) Delicate Friend, Winter 2022

Tomato SeasonAll My Relations, Issue 4, Disability Issue, Pages 12-13

Bridgefifth wheel press, come sail away anthology

How To Exhalefifth wheel press, come sail away anthology

Small Facts About My FatherImpossible Archetype, Issue 13, Pages 60-61

Mesenteric Panniculitis at Nine Months — Cleaver Magazine

Elegy, Three Inches; A Love Poem Might Be PossibleSpare Parts Literary

Love Poem to Myself, Number Five; The Kind of Woman I'd Write Poems About; First Christmas in Baltimore

Roi Faineant

Some Small Cluster of Yellow Thanatos Review, Grief and Grieving Issue

Parasite/PsycheThe Icarus Writing Collective, Issue One: The Sun

Love Poem To Myself, Number Foursage cigarettes magazine

DefianceAll My Relations, Issue 5, theme: Overcoming, Pages 18-19

The Wingspan of Desire miniskirt magazine, Issue 23

Thank You boats against the current

Storms of Backwards Butterflies   — Eunoia Review

In The Twenty-First Month Sick All My Relations, Issue 6, theme: Resistance, Pages 24-25

The Iron Bouquet fifth wheel press, secrets in the garden anthology

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